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LAURENT GARNIER / France : "Whaouuuuuuu, what a magnificent album… The music, the atmosphere, the textures... Frankly it’s sublime... J'adore !!!"

Hybrid Theory / Four40 records : "Sick"

MEAT / Robert Johnson : "Massive!"

Sister Bliss / Ministry of Sound / Faithless : "Beautiful textures and moods"

RONE / inFiné : "Bravo bravo bravo pour votre nouvel album! Il est magnifique! C’est le grand retour de Sinner DC!"

Nick Luscombe / BBC : "A computer symphony tuning up... Sublime."

Scanner / Robin Rimbaud : "Let me start by saying how much I really enjoy the album... hypnotic, organic, cloudy,repetitive and languorous... it’s audio valium for dark evenings and quiet mornings."

TREVOR JACKSON / Playgroup : "Very much enjoying the album. Second track particularly is brilliant!"

Paul Loraine/ Rhythm Cult : "This is the music that never gets old!"

Jennifer Cardini / Correspondant : "★★★★★" 

Tsugi Radio / Antoine Dabrowski : "Tsugi radio loves it" "★★★★★"

DJ Mag ES : "... nunca antes lo habían hecho con un rollo tan inmersivo. Electrónica profunda a la vez que pop y sensorial. Se nos va la mente para otro lado."

Rampue / Berlin : "Great sounds"

M50 / WNUR : "Huge welcome back to Sinner DC, legends. Brilliant work, as always."

Sean-Michael Yoder / California / Ibiza Voice : "Fantastic album. Love these guys."

John Monkman / London : "Wonderous sounds... Love"

Alan Cormode / Kinrade : "A mesmerising body of work... Wonderful stuff..."

Kristijan Molnar : "Sounds fantastic, thank you!"

Roni Fialkow / Tel Aviv / Pop Lock : "This is really something! Wow"

Santiago Salazar : "This whole album is great. Thanks for this!"

Tuomas "Phonogenic" Salmela / Misc / Finland : "Original sounding release. We don't get enough of this."

Angel Molina / 30D / Barcelona : "Good to see that Sinner DC are back! Excellent timeless electronica stuff, very intimistic and melancholic... will enjoy home, especially the dark days we are living. Thanks!!!"

Sean Johnston / A Love From Outer Space / London : "★★★★★"

Josef Sedlon / Radio 1 Prague : "Great, Sinner DC are back. Cool electronic stuff with unique atmosphere. Full support."

Tomi Chair / Tokyo : "Amazing album!!!"

Darwin / Berlin / SPE:C : "This is really pretty <3"

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